‘I’m not a Ph.D, or a psychologist, nor am I a Guru. I am just a man who found my soul.’

Bob has been studying ‘Hawaiian Philosophy’ for well over 20 years. Bob has lectured in various churches including, several times at Unity Church of Melbourne, Christ Science Church, Spiritualist Church and even some Catholic churches. He has also lectured at various social events throughout Florida since 2000, and was invited several times to speak at the Cocoa Beach Library. He also offered his ‘Live Aloha’ program at the Melbourne/Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce with great reviews.

Bob talks on the concept of ‘Living Aloha’ based on the 7 principles of Huna by teaching us how to love one another and talking responsibility for our own lives. His re-released CD, entitled ‘Talking Story’, (a lesson in Huna Philosophy and living aloha), has been very well received. Bob is a ‘Huna kapua’ (Shaman in the Hawaiian tradition), Dynamind Healer, Motivational Speaker and Huna teacher. He uses his personal Hawaiian experiences and his dedication to the island culture to both inspire and motivate the attendees.

Whether you are a long-time student of Huna or just getting your feet wet, mahalo for visiting and hui hou.