Ancient Wisdom of Huna Applied to Everyday Living

There is serious conflict and trouble in the world today, yet as serious as that trouble is it cannot reach all the way into your heart the part of you that loves and desires peace. When there is so much violence, turmoil and uncertainty in our world, hatred quickly consumers itself.

Let Peace begin with you and spread to everyone you meet. Give your love even to those that you disagree with. Your very concern proves that Love abounds with your thoughts, your actions and your understanding. By applying the Ancient Wisdom of Huna, it is possible to transform your life.

Huna was originally known as ‘Ho’omana’ ho’o means to make and ‘Mana’ means life force so together, the word translates to mean ‘Empowerment’. The following are the 7 Principles of Huna:

The World is what you think it is
We create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs, and fears, just to name a few. We see the world not as it is but as we are. Everything we see has only the meaning that we give it. Your world is built around your own thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

There are no limits
It seems that we have limitations because of our physical experience and this leads us to believe that we are just a body. However, if you dig deeper you will find that you feel limited in order to experience life here on earth. The truth is that we do not end at our skin. There are no boundaries to you. Any thought that you are separate from anything or anybody is only an illusion.

Energy flows where attention goes
Our body is composed of intelligence and energy and this vibrating intelligence and energy can be converted into any other energy field according to your thoughts. The thoughts that you dwell on become what you experience in your life. In other words, your reality is what you perceive it to be. ‘What you perceive- You receive’.

Now is the moment of power
Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mere possibility, you don’t know what it will bring. Only this moment is real and it is totally up to you how you use it. You have the power in the present moment to change your beliefs for a future of your choosing and if you change yourself (Your thoughts and behavior) you change your world.

To love is to be happy with
In Hawaiian, Aloha is the word for love, ‘alo’ means to be with to share an experience, ‘oha’ means affection, joy so the full translation of aloha is ‘ To love is to be happy with’ meaning that love exists to the degree that you are happy with the object of your love. Love increases as judgement decreases. To love is to recognize yourself in another.

All power comes from within
The way you think, if channeled in a positive way will have a positive effect. All the power that creates your experience comes from your own body, mind and spirit. Nothing ever happens to you without your participation. No one can make you do anything nor can they make you sad or angry. You choose that action based on your beliefs or attitudes, and if you have the power to create it, then you also have the power to change it.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth
When the thinking and the behavior is appropriate in a given situation, it is considered effective and if it is not appropriate it is ineffective. Use the means that determine the ends that you desire. If you want peace on earth, then use peaceful means to achieve it. If you want to harmonize your relationships with people then use loving means to produce it.

These are tools that can change your life and if you do that you will change the world and experience peace and love. This is not to say that this is the only way, but it is another way.

It is my hope that people hear this message, see the vision and feel the possibility of a better life.

Bob Toledo
July, 2012

A Huna Mantra


Everything in your life is a Blessing. Every event, every person and every moment is all sacred, even if you know it at the time or not. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is not real, all we have is this moment in time called ‘now’ and that’s why they call it the present. So be thankful and bless each precious moment.


Your thoughts affect your experience. Anytime you feel doubtful about what you can achieve, trust that part of you that knows your highest good. Know that there are no limits to you. Understand that everything you will ever need to know resides at the core of your being.


There is a saying ‘What You Perceive- You Receive’. Whether you think you can or think you can’t- either way, you’re right. Your life is your own creation, so when you think positive thoughts you will receive positive results. If you expect the best, you’ll get the best that the universe holds.

So, quietly repeat to yourself,
Bless the Present- Trust Yourself- Expect the Best.

Bob Toledo

July, 2012

The Meaning of Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono means to make right. The original purpose of Ho’oponopono was to correct the wrongs that had occurred in someone’s life, including ancestors. This is called the Hawaiian code of forgiveness, because when we forgive others we are actually forgiving ourselves.

There is a saying, ‘People are only doing the best they can with the resources they have available’. This has to do with forgiveness and that includes you.

In Eastern societies, there is a real tradition of being aligned with and healing relations with the ancestors. In Japan, China, and Hawaiian tradition, it is thought to be important to align and clean up any past problems that you’ve had with relationships, especially with relatives.

Perhaps there are family patterns that you do not want. What happens is that any number of different traits and certain Generational themes get past along in families, Ho’oponopono will allow you to clean it.

We carry in the unconscious self all the significant people in our lives (Past and Present). The process of Ho’oponopono is to align with and clean up our genealogy and also heal our relationships with other people in our lives. Remember, when we forgive others, we are really forgiving ourselves.

The following appeal initiates the healing process to begin which is the basis of Ho’oponopono;
“Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as one, if I, My family, Relatives and Ancestors have offended you, Your Family, Relatives and Ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness.”

Let this cleanse, purify, release and cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light. And it is done.

Bob Toledo

Aloha – A Way Of Life

Aloha is a Hawaiian word meaning love, friendship, compassion and charity, as well as in it’s roots ‘the joyful sharing of loving energy in the present moment’. for this reason the Hawaiians also use the word for happy greetings and farewells. In Hawaii of old aloha meant ‘God in us’ Aloha is a way to join the people of the world together in a ‘spirit of aloha’ to bring about physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social and spiritual harmony based on the wisdom found in Hawaiian philosophy and culture.

Each of us can improve our world by our individual and collective actions, We all have that responsibility. If we act with courtesy and caring, the higher self (Kane) in us will be strengthened

You don’t have to be a politician or the president of a company or a famous doctor to make everyone’s life better. The smallest things make the biggest difference. Respect your elders and children, leave places better than you found them, hold the door, hold the elevator, plant something, drive with courtesy, return your shopping cart, get out and enjoy nature, pick up litter, share with your neighbors, create smiles.

Remember-we all come from one source.

While the mind of man has invented thousands and millions of laws, God has only one law. Love one another. Use this law as your guide, and all else will fall into place.

People that practice aloha know that it is a state of mind that anyone can achieve, native Hawaiian or not

Live from the inside out—live aloha.

Bob Toledo – 2007

What Is Huna?

Huna is an esoteric Polynesian Psychology that uses the power of the mind to
accomplish healing and spiritual development, Originally known as Ho’omana, Ho’o means- to make, Mana means- life force, taken together, the word means to empower. So, Huna is empowerment, By increasing your Spirituality, Energy and Metaphysical healing powers by tapping into your Higher Self (Kane) is to
experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to bring into your life whatever you desire. Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘Secret’ or that which is hidden, referring to a tradition of hiding these teachings. Huna is the acronym, and it means ‘Healing Using Natural Abilities’.

The specific teachings and customs associated with Huna vary somewhat from island to island, however, All agree on the concept of three (sometimes four) Spirits of minds in the human being. Human behavior and experience can be explained and changed through the interaction of the following set of  assumptions:

The Higher Self (Kane)- This is the self that inspires you into action (Soul)

The Conscious Self
(Lono)- The middle self, is the rational and reasoning self, totally conscious, it has imagination and will and activates the conscious.

The Unconscious Self (Ku)-The lower Self, Is the self where the ‘Mana’ the  power that is used to create is. It is activated by the five senses.

The Core Self (Kanola) this is the center of the universe within.

Another understanding of Huna comes from the Kupua tradition of the Kahili family from the island of Kauai, Through Serge Kahili King, Who was adopted  as the grandson of Joseph Kahili and trained in his tradition. (This is the tradition that I have been trained in under Serge King.)

The Kupua traditions basic assumptions of Huna are:
1) The world is what you think it is.
2) There are no limits.
3) Energy flows where attention goes.
4) Now is the moment of power.
5) To love is to be happy with.
6) All power comes from within.
7) Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

A Huna Kupua (Sharman) uses the knowledge of the 7 Principles and the concept of our four selves to change his or her reality and strengthen the Mana for healing.  Anyone can practice Huna Principles for total uplifting, for themselves and others. It is no longer a secret.

Bob Toledo