Comments and Accolades

Beautiful! Lovely! Bobby does such a wonderful job of explaining this beautiful philosophy of Aloha! This CD he created is inspirational and motivational! I recommend it highly!
– Pamela Brennan

Aloha Bob, I was at John and Trish’s 4th July party and Joyce lent me your CD to listen to. I enjoyed the subject matter very much! Your talk about thought and words, creating our reality, which is the same teaching from The Secret. About the Aloha Law, I’m doing my best to practice unconditional love, toward all of creation. I really liked your CD and found the content very useful in my everyday life.
Thank you. Aloha
– Mike Dinatale

Aloha Bob,
Barry and I enjoyed your CD ever so much. The Principles of Huna are natural and yet forgotten by most. Your CD will enlighten many people to the beautiful Hawaiian ancient traditions, and to perhaps choose to perceive life in a different way! Your stories are enchanting, and brought back fond memories of my many years visiting family on Oahu, and the beautiful people I have met there. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful gift, and for reminding us about the ancient ways of being one with mature, God and ourselves. Mahalo
– Barry and Susan

WOW! What an inspiring cd, this is the way I believe in living and the way everyone should approach everyday living. What a wonderful simple message. – Trish

Great article, Bob! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts!
– Bryan

Hi Bob,
Just finished reading your stories and they are wonderful. I learned a few things in a short period of time and will read more later. Thank you for the great stories and wisdom.
– Karen V.

Dear Bob,
Thank You for the copy of ‘we’ve Got Mail’. Congratulations on finally seeing your vision published. I have read the book. It is well put together and your personal touch really adds alot. Readers should find the book interesting and inspirational. I can only believe that this endeavor is the beginning of many more creative projects that are still inside Bob Toledo waiting to be shared by others. I am proud of your book and as always, I’m proud to be your friend.
Love & Aloha,

I know this has been a personal journey for you. I have just started the book and find it very uplifting. I will definitely share this with my family and friends. I can’t wait for the next one!

Hi Bob,
Steve and Kelly here, We hope you are doing well. We are sitting on our couch tonight up here in canada reading your book. We love it! Its -20 outside but your book of inspiration and wonderful stories is keeping us warm.
‘We’ve Got Mail’ is really a wonderful footprint you have made for all to enjoy.
Good work Bob. We are blessed to have you as our friend.
Steve,Kelly, Natalie, and Olivia Zazulyk

Hi Bob
Mahalo for the wonderful Book. Many blessings for success in 2010.
Aloha, Serge

We are so happy & very proud of your accomplishments with the great CD on Huna Philosophies & the inspirational book, ‘We’ve Got Mail’. We are still in the process of reading the book & wow, is it amazing & a very interesting read!!!!
You’re an amazing person!!!!!!!!!!
Jenn & Michael

FANTASTIC BOOK!! I went from nodding in agreement, to chuckling, to being emotionally moved; all in the same book. Loved it so much that I purchased copies for all my children. Let me know when the next one comes out!
– Larry Lorden

Your new book ‘we’ve got mail’ is awesome. It is just the lift I need on those days that nothing seems to go right. It is also great for social gathering, I read an excerpt at my church Sunday school program and everyone loved it. Thanks Bob.
– Pearline

As you probably know, Karen sent me your book and bugged me until I read it. She really deserves a hug for that. Your book ‘We’ve got Mail’ is a wonderful collection and actually came to me when I needed it the most. I certainly will buy a couple of the books and just leave them in random places to be found and/or read by anyone needing inspiration.

Hey Bob.
Karen sent me your book. I read a lot and your book has been quite a joy to read. I’m not done with it because it is one of those books that you want to take your time reading. I will check out the other books you have. Thanks for taking the time to put that all together. We need more books like that.
Take care and God Bless

I am enjoying your book so much I plan to buy 2 more in the near future.

I loved the book! I had come across some of those emails thru the years but it was great to have them all together. I am so proud of you.
All my love,

Bob’s Books are a must read. Very uplifting. Brings sunshine to a cloudy day.
Ralph Cassity