It’s Happening

I wrote this in 1968 the day Robert Kennedy was shot. It was not meant to be negative, Only my way of reacting to the days events. I think we have come along way since then, or have we? Maybe we have some work to do. Let us begin now.


Stop and think for a minute, I think we all should
‘I’d change it’, they say, if only I could
The hate, the turmoil, the despair and the grief
Maybe someday, if we’re lucky, we’ll all get relief.

People say, ‘Look at the weird one with the beard. ‘
But maybe the ‘Weird one’s’ got the right idea
I laugh at the excuses that people are using.
They are afraid to look past their wall of illusion.

Everyone’s trying to reach out into space
While we can’t get along with another race
Men go to war to fight for freedom, it’s true
We fight one battle, the black man fight two.

There was a man in politics to help us come out.
He was young, ambitious, strong and stout
‘If we all work together, we’ll change it’ he cries.
A bullet is shot. This good man dies.

The world we live in is turned upside down
Someday we should get together and turn it around
Our ‘great society’ will be good to you
Just don’t be negro, Catholic or Jew.

Some people pray, others just hope.
While ‘Our American Dream’ turns into a joke
All around us, everyday,
While people talk and children play —

It’s Happening.

Bob Toledo