The world we live in today is traveling at lightning speed, with all the ever changing technological ‘Advances’ that we experience everyday it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that, since past generations did without it, this new generation must therefore have progressed and that we are better off.

With all of this incredible technology and ceaseless progress, our world has become increasingly detached from our roots, a world of growing complexity and a planet bent straight under the weight of our unending march toward the future. Is it any wonder that somehow for every wondrous new discovery that we celebrate, we are not any happier or healthier in our everyday lives.

We must show some discrimination in terms of what we choose to celebrate. Even the most fervent child of our modern times cannot deny this simple fact: For every advancement in recent history, And for every breakthrough in new technology that captures the public spotlight, we as human beings are worse off than ever before, all of these new ‘Advances’ have made our lives very stressful.

We have a health crisis of unimaginable proportions, with Weekly rituals of stress and exhaustion, and this little voice inside of us that says what so many of us are just starting to admit; Something has to change.

Life was much simpler when apple and blackberry were just fruits.

Although there are many benefits to all this technology, what is necessary is to put it into perspective. It seems to me that we are losing touch with what is really important. The question is are we really advancing? So take a moment and unplug, Take a break from technology and find your smile.

Here are some simple things to help make your life more fulfilling and keep it in balance:

Notice the world around you. See all life as Sacred. Get outside and enjoy the natural world. Connect with people. Be generous with your Love, when you Love someone, tell them and tell them often. Do the right thing, even when it’s hard to do. Look for the good in those around you. Never say things in anger, because words cannot be taken back. Don’t waste time thinking of what you don’t have but rather, thank God for what you do have. Be impeccable with your word. Volunteer your time, energy and skills. Learn how to Meditate. Find your true purpose. Listen to what people are saying to you. Practice random acts of kindness. Always do your best. Be curious and get inspired. Respect everyone you meet, Even if you don’t agree with them, everyone has something to teach you. Figure out what’s really important to you. Be comfortable with who you are.

It will be to our benefit that we always remember not to let our technology surpass our Humanity.

Bob Toledo
September 2013