The True Meaning of “Soul Mate”

The concept of Soul Mate came from Greek mythology. According to the myth, our ancestors once had 2 heads and 4 arms. At some point they offended a God, so that God punished them by splitting them down the middle, resulting in the creation of humans. As a punishment, we were condemned to spend our lives searching for our other half, our Soul Mate.

In the late 1950s the term Soul Mate became very popular; it was used to describe two people with a strong love for one another and others who are looking for that connection. There is a belief that each of us has only one Soul Mate who we are destined to meet one day. The other half of our self that has been missing, and once we are reunited with this love, it will make us whole and complete again. However, Soul Mate means different things to different people.

Soul Mates can have various types of relationships that don’t always involve romantic love. They can be close friends, co-workers, teachers, family members or even a stranger who comes into your life for a brief moment in time. Often this Soul Mate comes in and out quickly for the purpose of helping us in some way or to teach us a lesson. This person could be anyone who inspires or influences your life in a positive or sometimes even in a negative way depending on the lesson that you need to learn at the time.

We meet and interact with our Soul Mates often having known them in a previous life in a similar situation. Many Soul Mate interactions occur because there is a karmic reason for them to meet. This could be due to an unresolved issue, an emotional connection or experience that took place in a past life. It is said that Soul Mates are the ‘Karmic ties that bind’. Souls often reunite in order to work out past life issues, sometimes reversing roles in a similar situation in this life.

We subconsciously attract our various Soul Mates in order to work on any past issues we may have with them. This is why we are sometimes drawn to certain people for no apparent reason. This is what is called an ‘Instant Attraction’ to someone.

Sometimes we are drawn to a person simply because we enjoy being with them on some level, and may have agreed pre-birth to meet again in a positive way just to enjoy each other in this lifetime.

Then there are people that will come into your life that have the same values and ideals that you have. Your goals tend to be in sync with there’s. This bond is unselfish and full of kindness, patience, trust, honesty and love. This person won’t necessarily be your partner; they could be a family member or a close friend. On a karmic level, you choose to travel with this Soul, lifetime after lifetime, for the purpose of cultivating each other’s inner growth. This is said to be a ‘Spiritual Soul Mate’.

Humanity is slowly awakening to its true spiritual nature. At the soul level we are neither male nor female; we are both, just as God is and we are all connected to that divine source. All the people that we encounter in our life are there in order to help us remember who we really are. Some of these interactions may be very brief. Even a ten minute encounter with a homeless person could occur in order that you and the other soul learn a lesson of love and compassion and you may never see that person again.

Your meetings vary in duration from ten minutes, one hour, one day, a month, a decade, or a lifetime. These encounters are not measured in time but in lessons learned. All these people that ‘show up’ in our life while we are in this physical universe are all our Soul Mates. This is how we are all linked together as one.

Bob Toledo