What Is Huna?

Huna is an esoteric Polynesian Psychology that uses the power of the mind to
accomplish healing and spiritual development, Originally known as Ho’omana, Ho’o means- to make, Mana means- life force, taken together, the word means to empower. So, Huna is empowerment, By increasing your Spirituality, Energy and Metaphysical healing powers by tapping into your Higher Self (Kane) is to
experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to bring into your life whatever you desire. Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘Secret’ or that which is hidden, referring to a tradition of hiding these teachings. Huna is the acronym, and it means ‘Healing Using Natural Abilities’.

The specific teachings and customs associated with Huna vary somewhat from island to island, however, All agree on the concept of three (sometimes four) Spirits of minds in the human being. Human behavior and experience can be explained and changed through the interaction of the following set of  assumptions:

The Higher Self (Kane)- This is the self that inspires you into action (Soul)

The Conscious Self
(Lono)- The middle self, is the rational and reasoning self, totally conscious, it has imagination and will and activates the conscious.

The Unconscious Self (Ku)-The lower Self, Is the self where the ‘Mana’ the  power that is used to create is. It is activated by the five senses.

The Core Self (Kanola) this is the center of the universe within.

Another understanding of Huna comes from the Kupua tradition of the Kahili family from the island of Kauai, Through Serge Kahili King, Who was adopted  as the grandson of Joseph Kahili and trained in his tradition. (This is the tradition that I have been trained in under Serge King.)

The Kupua traditions basic assumptions of Huna are:
1) The world is what you think it is.
2) There are no limits.
3) Energy flows where attention goes.
4) Now is the moment of power.
5) To love is to be happy with.
6) All power comes from within.
7) Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

A Huna Kupua (Sharman) uses the knowledge of the 7 Principles and the concept of our four selves to change his or her reality and strengthen the Mana for healing.  Anyone can practice Huna Principles for total uplifting, for themselves and others. It is no longer a secret.

Bob Toledo